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   This is something useful for all of you who are into online poker games – Holdem Manager 2, a poker analytics tool.  Hold’em Manager 2 crack ed  is the poker analytics tool that increases win-rates and gives players the edge needed to move up in limits. Whether you are a recreational micro-stakes player or a high-stakes pro, this is the world’s best poker tracking and analysis software. A must have for any online poker player, Hold’em Manager 2 provides the objective facts you need to improve your own tactics and exploit the weaknesses in your opponents game.

“Make better in-game decisions by analyzing your opponent’s stats and tendencies. Keep track in real time with statistics displayed on the actual tables as you play.”

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Statistics are the main feature and benefit of Hold’em Manager 2. After HM2 imports your online poker hand histories, you are able to view hundreds of statistics related to both your own playing style and that of your opponents, based on all the hands that you have played.

The Heads-up Display, or “HUD”, is the most recognisable and arguably most useful feature of Hold’em Manager 2. Using the hand histories imported, HM2 will display your choice of statistics on your opponents at the table in real-time, allowing you to deduce player tendencies at a glance.

Filters are available within the software, allowing you to narrow down the many hands in your database to look at, for example, only hands in which you were raised on the turn or only hands in which you 3-bet preflop. This allows you to compile reports on your play and analyse your leaks in almost any given situation.

The hand replayer plays back any hand in your database in graphical form from the blinds to the river. It includes your statistics and player notes when replaying the hand, which allows you to review your session and go over difficult spots with ease.

Widgets allow you to expand your knowledge with Hold’em Manager 2 tutorials and strategy videos, including those from PokerStrategy.com coaches!


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